The Driven Guru

Facilitating Web 3.O to the yoga lifestyle community with utility driven NFTs

A Growing

NFT ecosystem

Welcome to the Driven Guru NFT collection

Yoga Life Today created a collection of 14,400 Driven Gurus with over 1250 unique traits. There are four distinct properties for each Guru — Elements, Sacred Geometry, Essence and Crystals.

Occasionally, a unique and rare Driven Guru emerges… Stay tuned.

Fresh.Original .

code baked NFT

The main goal was to build a way to welcome the community and reward them for continues participation.  Yoga Life Today is  onboard with Web3.0 and taking the first steps by launching The Driven Guru’s NFTs. We have many more exciting plans for growth  add ongoing utility  and value.

Generative Art

Guru inspired NFTs on the Solana blockchain.

Driven Guru's timeline forecast

Creation Station

Conception of theme, design and future utility use that has a fit with our brand. Generated NFTs and published on the blockchain.

Gaming Utility

Using Metadata from eachu card to perform rituals, the card with the most value will gain another Driven Guru NFT to use in other rituals, or discounts on events or purchases.

Resell NFT

NFTs are connected to the blockchain and can be traded in popular marketplace like OpenSea and Mintable.

Fundraising Events

Blockchain smart contract and NFT tokens will be used in fundraising events to create transparency and trust to investors.

Grab the Essential elements value sheet

Adding gaming utility to our NFT collection.

Gurus Live on Solana

Act Local.Think Global

Many popular NFT projects use the Ethereum blockchain, which consumes enormous amounts of energy and has incredibly expensive gas fees. The Driven Guru’s are built on the Solana blockchain instead to minimize our environmental impact. Wahe Guru!